The rains came and the basement floods....
What do you do?

Call Farrs! We are just a phone call away and provide 24 hour emergency water removal. Our team can be on the spot right away to address all the issues that flooding, leaks, breaks, overflows and backups can cause. Immediate attention can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Emergency Water Removal and Restoration

Water removal and water damage restoration is the process of restoring a residential property or business back to its previous condition after any type of water damage. Events which require professional water restoration services include: Sewer backups, basement flooding, toilet overflows, plumbing leak, sump pump failures, frozen pipes, drain backups, swimming pool leaks, foundation leaks, hot water tank leak, roof leaks, washer/dryer overflow, sink overflow, storm damage etc.

If you ever run into ANY water emergency, don't panic. Just call Farrs 24 hour emergency hotline at 248.345.3308. Our water loss team will evaluate and efficiently manage large and small flood disasters in homes and businesses throughout the metro detroit area.

  • Hinder growth of mold and mildew
  • Avert potential health associated risks
  • Salvage carpet and padding
  • Restore drywall
  • Save tiling, laminate, and cabinetry
  • Lessen reconstruction need
  • Prevent warping and replacement of wood floors
  • Impede corrosion of electronics and machinery
  • Alleviate additional living expenses
  • Minimize interruption of business