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About Farrs Home Improvements

After working within the home improvement industry for several years for other company's, in 1988 Robert Farr decided to strike out on his own and established Farr's Home Improvements. This company was founded on the belief that everyone should be entitled to have improvements made to their home or business by a company that would treat them fairly and with honesty. With that in mind, along with a desire to work hard to succeed by treating each customer with the same concern that he would show to a family member, he set out to build a business that people would be happy to refer to their family and friends. You see Robert always keeps in mind that his reputation and integrity are are on the line at all times.

Our business is built on the principles of always treating our customers in a manner that we would like to be treated and to always provide quality services that exceed your expectations. Since quite often we will initially meet during times of emergencies and at times that are highly stressful to you, we will do everything that we can help you get through these difficult periods as quickly and effortlessly as possible because that's the way that we would like be treated.

Regularly scheduled home improvements can become stressful too. During these periods we will keep you informed of all of the work that is going on and will do everything possible to keep your project on its projected schedule. But there is one cautionary bit of information that we should tell you about. Farr's Home Improvements is not in the practice of substituting quality simply to get a job done. We feel that the quality of our work should be our highest priority. We would not subject ourselves or our families to inferior workmanship or materials and we won't do it with our clients either. Some might ask why we are so demanding of ourselves, but to us the answer is pretty simple. By providing you with the work that exceeds your expectations, you will be more likely to recommend us to others that you know. As recommendations increase, so does our business. Although most of this seems pretty obvious we are painfully aware that others in our industry do not share the same passions and as a result they cast a pall over the entire home improvement industry. It is our hope that when you work with us, that you will become a customer for life and that you will consider us to be part of your extended family. As a family member, we will always treat you right. By constantly striving to meet these goals we have been able to continually increase our business. During times of emergency or any other time that you need home improvements we hope that you will consider us a your home improvement company.